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Jan 23, 10 9:27 AM
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Welcome to the Apogee website!

I would like to welcome you to our page and thank you for considering us as a group of people you would like to spend you time with. I am a 40 year old professional and I am looking for others like me who enjoy playing World of Warcraft but can also remember it is just a game. In the past I have been in guilds who spent most of there time complaining about loot and who's fault the last wipe was and I just don't want to be that way any more. I am hoping to create a guild where helping others and working as a team comes first. I will require every one in the guild to be over 21 and be willing to allow or take part in talking dirty and swearing once and a while. We all have real lives but at the same time raiding is fun and to some level requires some commitment. I would ask that when you reach 80 and begin raiding you remember you are part of a group and they are counting on you too. I would like the guild to be open to all levels of characters and hope that every one will support and help the lower levels in the guild when they can. 
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syr_greg, Jan 23, 10 9:27 AM.
Looking for leaders
I need people to help run the guild. I can not be on all the time and I do not know every thing about the game. I could use players to lead instance runs and assist in the development of the guild. If you feel this is some thing you would like to do please let me know and we will talk.
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